Lebni is one of my favorite things to smear on a warmed pita. This delight is kefir cheese. You can add kalamata olives, tomatoes, and fresh herbs to make a dip out of it too. I have a shortcut recipe that I like to use to make this and it’s so delicious.

. 1 container of plain yogurt (depending on how much lebni you want)
. very fine cheese cloth

1. Place a very fine cheese cloth inside a strainer, and place the strainer in the kitchen sink.
2. Put all the yogurt in the container into the cheese cloth and cover overnight.
3. The following day, you can make little balls with the cheese and place them in a jar filled with extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano, ready to be eaten whenever you please.

Photos by : Sean Rea(https://www.instagram.com/seann.rea/) and Hayley Boomhower (https://www.instagram.com/daily.hayleyy/)


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