The Agenter’s Estate

I have amazing supporters. Amidst all the supporters, the Agenter family has supported me by opening up their home to host the Talin’s Table dinners. They have this beautiful home that they built and designed from ground up. They have this gorgeous backdrop of the Somis hills filled with acres of lemon and avocado trees. They even have the cutest produce garden with tomatoes, onions, herbs, berries… They have a beautiful home that fits exactly what the Talin’s Table vision is. Some that have come to the Talin’s Table dinner parties have expressed just the house alone expresses worth and value to them as guests. So not only is the food good, but the atmosphere too. In the dining room, one wall looks like a glass window, but actually a door that opens the wall up to the outside, where you can hear the water coming down a gorgeous European influenced fountain. During the summer, I will be hosting Al Fresco dinners at the Agenter Estate so be sure to put your name on the guest list HERE.

The Agenter’s had an event this week with some family visiting, so of course I am so there!!!

I came up with a delightful and simple menu. I started out with grilled peaches, prosciutto, and burrata cheese.

I then moved into a Mediterranean influenced salad called Tabouleh. I made it my own by adding more bulgar and less parsley, so it became more of a bulgar wheat salad. I cooke the bulgar wheat using lemon juice instead of boiling it… making it a somewhat faster and fresher process..

The third course was a simple pasta that I made with Bucatini pasta. This pasta is great because it’s kind of like spaghetti, but with a hole in the middle, so the sauce gets INSIDE the pasta. 😋 yumm-yyyyy. So I made bucatini pasta with shrimp in a simple garlic, parsley, and cream sauce.

For the fourth course, I went with the tagliata with filet mignon because it seems to be a favorite among my guests. I wanted the family visiting to get a taste of what is being talked about.

And last but not least, dessert. One of favorite desserts- Napoleon. I know the traditional way of making it and thanks to my mentors they’ve taught me well. But for this Talin’s Table, I went with the way my family made it while I was growing up, with the new techniques I’ve learned as well.

I hope this post inspires you to impress your guests with food that is not only simple but very delicious too. If you have any questions or want recipes, leave a comment!



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