Pastries for Redding

I lived in Mozambique for quite some time. I had a few responsibilities, one including the kitchen. Mondays were shopping days. I was living in a rural village so the closest city was 35-40 minutes away. Every Monday we would travel to the city, lists in hand. In the middle of our shopping day we would stop for coffee and a snack. Most of the time I snacked on french fries but others would get a pastry!

So what is the connection to Redding? Well, the USA base for the organization I went with is in Redding, CA. Good ol’ Redding. The organization hosted several nights of info for local students. On the last day of the event, they organized a time for friends and family and they included Talin’s Table in the fun! They asked me to make pastries so I decided I would do a mix of pastries we would eat in Mozambique and some that are inspired by Talin’s Table.

^a spur of the moment paklava made with puff pastry and walnuts

^a sweet bean muffin called Queijadas De Feijao

^sweet empanadas with sugar, cinnamon, and walnuts

 ^what a pastry table looks like

I LOVED making all these pastries. It was so fun to give back to the organization that gave/and continue to give me so much experience.


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