Most of us have heard of paklava. This delightfully crunchy and nutty pastry has a Mediterranean home. Although it’s not documented where it actually comes from, its home can be anywhere from Greece, Armenia, Turkey, Central to West Asia….

Every Armenian loves a good paklava. We all know how to make it and we all love to share it with anyone who comes to our home. It is the most popular pastry that is found especially at coffee time. The inside of each paklava is filled with different types of nuts. My favorite is pistachio and almonds so I make my own filling version with that. Add some sugar, some cinnamon, and if you want to get really creative you can add a tiny pinch of cardamom too.

Bake it in the oven at 365 degrees for about 35-40 min or until brown, rotating the sheet pan 17 min in. Then soak it with syrup and there you have it. A simple and delicious pastry to share.


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