Talin’s Table Winter

This was the most delightful and cozy Talin’s Table. As I prepared the table, I had Christmas music playing, the fireplace going, and the tree was lit. It felt so magical. I set up the table right next to my fireplace, which added a cozy ambiance.

I tried to focus on winter dishes. Dishes that Nani would make for us in the winter. I took inspiration from Nani and discovered my menu.

For the first course, I started out with a tuna tar tar. I fine chopped the tuna, added some seasonings, fresh thyme, and orange juice. I thought this would be a great dish to prepare the palette for what’s to come.

My next dish was roasted fennel. This was so delicious. I roasted the fennel and then topped it with feta cheese and my friends famous tapenade, Stacy’s Simply All You Need. This is a must have tapenade.


The third course was my favorite winter dish. Ratatouille. Made with a layer of red wine and tomato sauce, topped with the slivers of each squash. It was so good. One of my guests vowed to never like vegetables, but they certainly scraped the plate when I served my ratatouille.


The fourth course was a very typical Armenian dish. I wanted people to try the dish the traditional way and to gain an experience of Armenian food. This dish was everyones favorite. Mante is basically an Armenian version of tortellini pasta. It looks like bow ties filled with a little pocket of meat. I topped it with a garlic yogurt sauce and some traditional seasonings like dried mint and sumac. This is my favorite thing to eat in the winter time.


The evening was finished off with Paklava topped with fresh whipped cream and raspberries. We enjoyed a cup of tea with each other and talked the rest of the night away. When I asked what each persons favorite dish was, I received the same answer. It was a tie. Ratatouille and Mante. It was such a delightful evening enjoying the holiday season with good food and good people. ❤


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