mmmmm… ponchik…

Us Armenians have quite the hands for pastries and baked goods. One of these delicious pastries is called ponchik. This delightful pastry is typically taken to a friends house to have for coffee or even to a party. They are best eaten fresh and you can choose whatever you’d like to stuff it with. I chose custard because I like the traditional. My mom and I woke up early one Sunday morning. We had our cup of coffee in the living room and definitely had a sweet tooth building. My mom kept raving about how much she loves ponchik and how easy it is to make. She kept going on and on and showing me different recipe videos. I finally said, “Ok! Let’s make them!”

So we did! We put all ingredients out and started the process. 

It ended up being really easy and not too long of a process. Before I knew it, we were each enjoying another cup of coffee and a custard filled sweet. I hope you guys give it a try and take them to your friends and family for a sweet coffee date.

A really good recipe to follow is right here: PONCHIK.


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