A Hidden Gem

My boyfriend and I went out for a date. It was the sweetest night. We got off work and got ready and off we were to Ojai, Ca. Ojai is a really cute town with lots of good food, wine, and of course, beer. So much of the food is locally sourced. Andrew found this one place called, Nocciola (No-cho-la). It’s an Italian-owned restaurant.

We were driving, using google maps of course, and couldn’t quite figure out where the place was. Only to find out, to my liking, it looked like a house!




Every detail when you first walk up the steps, including the beautiful glass door, made me feel so welcomed and quite honestly, super giddy. I was just so excited that a place like this existed. So we were escorted to our table and they brought some bread and olive oil. The olive focaccia was delicious. Our server took our order and everything came out in a perfectly timed manner. We started out with a tuna tartara appetizer. It was seasoned well to where you can appreciate the taste of the tuna, but not in an overwhelming way. The balsamic glaze adds a nice touch. I love raw food, so I always like to get some kind of tartar as an appetizer. Tuna TartarThen, we ordered two different types of filled pasta. My favorite was the branzino filled ravioli. It was SO GOOD and the buttery sauce was perfect with the perfect crunch from the breadcrumbs on top.

Branzino filled ravioliThe second ravioli we got was filled with veal and porcini with a tomato garlic sauce.

veal and porcini ravioliWe cleaned our plates up, literally licking every bit of sauce we can. We learned that this place is owned by an Italian couple straight from Italy. The wife decorated the place (amazing job..I LOVE IT) and the husband is the chef. Funny enough, Edible Ojai just did a segment on this restaurant and you can read all about it HERE. I enjoyed every bit of this place and I know you will too.


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