Loving to Love

There is something really special happening in my life right now. You must have guessed it… I’m in love! It’s true! My friends are constantly telling me to stop being so giddy because of how much i giggle at the thought of him. His name is Andrew and yep… he’s a chef!

As we’re getting to know each other in this time, there is definitely something we love to do together and that is to cook. We experiment recipes, we cook traditional food from grandma’s recipes… we test recipes.. it’s all so much fun.

In the midst of all the cooking though, my favorite thing to do is to watch Andrew cook. He gets in this zone and sometimes he even paces back and forth as he’s thinking and I think it’s really cute. So, the other day he decided to make me a pasta. It was a new recipe he came up with and I just watched him get to work.

First, we ate some delicious salame as a pre-game to the cooking. Of course!


Then, the cooking began. We had simple ingredients and made some pasta. We used prosciutto, parmesan, cream, and olive oil.


Andrew started out by heating up the cubed prosciutto to a perfect light brown.


Next we added some cream, followed by the parm and some delightful pasta for dinner.


It was so good, I can still taste it in my mouth. I loved every bite. Where’s my bowl??!


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