Brunch You Say?

I think by now most of you see that I really like brunch and I really like fritatta’s, especially for my family. I feel like it brings us together after a long week and we can come together and enjoy a good meal in the morning. We joke, we laugh, we talk about how the week went- It’s all good! While my Amo and Tantik were here we had a couple delightful brunches together.

The last week they were here I made (what do you know?) a fritatta! But with it I made these delicious puff pastry flat bread with zaatar and olive oil.

thumb_P1017329_1024They were quite the big hit. My Amo and Tantik really enjoyed them too. The fritatta was delicious too of course.

The table was set with three different types of jam including fig, apricot (from Armenia), and orange. Of course, you cant have jam without the butter! We each had our cup of coffee and cup of O.J. and enjoyed the rest of the day off.


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