This is one of my favorite pizzerias…I mean I go at least once every two weeks! I love neapolitan pizza- honestly, it’s the best- and if you haven’t had it before, this is the place to go locally to try it. There are many locations, but I like the one in Oxnard because it’s close to the beach.


The Collection
2760 Seaglass Way
Oxnard, CA 93036

First of all, when you go to a place like a pizzeria and have the option to sit at the pizza oven bar, TAKE IT. It will bless your life immensely- I promise. So I go, sit at the bar, and watch the hardworking chefs work so fast and smoothly, you know that this is second nature to them. It almost looks like their dancing. I watch them prepare every appetizer and pizza and it makes me enjoy my own food more. I was filled with more appreciation and delight as I ate.


It’s definitely hard to choose one really good pizza. All of them are really good. I love fennel, so as I was reading through the menu, I noticed the pizza with fennel and I was sold. The Vico is a perfectly pizza. You get sausage, fennel, red onions, mascarpone, and basil. It ends up feeling a lot lighter to eat because the base of the pizza is olive oil.


If you’re interested in getting a small bite to eat with your drink, the best appetizer is the smoked salmon appetizer. It has capers, lemon, dill, and avocado. A perfect combination perfectly sitting on a crostini.



This is definitely a place to try if you’re craving pizza.


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