My Family’s Midnight Snack

I’m not the biggest fan of midnight snacking, but once in a while you get that little craving a few hours after dinner… Ever since I was little, my family and I had this one dish we would love eating as a night snack. I can actually recall every time we have had this dish .. and it was usually after coming home from a music performance. Once in a while, one of us would get that sudden craving for *drumroll please*

Simit Anush with Mozzarella Cheese

mmmmmm Just the thought of it makes me want some now even though I had it last night! Once you try this, it will ruin your midnight snacking…you’ll want it every time, especially because it’s done in three simple steps!!! *recipe at the end of post*


First you pour in one cup sugar and two cups water into a pot and bring it to a slight boil, just barely.

thumb_IMG_0565_1024 thumb_IMG_0568_1024








Next, you add one cup of cream of wheat. Mix it until fully combined and it starts to boil again.










Finally, the best part! Mix in mozzarella cheese and serve immediately. I usually like a little bit of butter and a generous dash of cinnamon on mine.


Sometimes, you just need this lovely little snack at the end of a long day, right?! Try it out and leave a comment about your experience! ❤



1 cup sugar
2 cups water
1 cup cream of wheat
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

1. In a 5 Qt pot, heat the water and sugar until it is barely boiling.

2. Mix in the cream of wheat, little by little, until fully mixed.

3. Once the cream of wheat starts to boil, start to mix in the mozzarella cheese.


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