Cheers To Galentines Day!

I love LOVE DAY! It makes me thankful for a lot of things I have in my life- like my friends, family, and of course good food. Valentines day is typically one of the most pressured holidays for every couple, but this year I got to have some fun with some gals!

My friend Toni had a sweet Galentines day party. I walked in through the door and saw her barefoot in the kitchen, with a sweet polka-dot apron on, making pasta. She made us a garlic bruschetta- which was garlic heaven- and pasta with vodka sauce. We sipped on Italian cocktails made with prosecco, strawberry puree, Grand Marinier, and simple syrup. Those were my favorite.

One of her friends tried a new vegan recipe for dessert. It was the perfect color for the occasion- pink! It was lots of coconut, beets, vanilla…

We laughed and we enjoyed our Galentines Day. I hope you all had a sweet LOVE DAY too.



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