The Tasting Table

I’ve decided to start a new event series called, “The Tasting Table” It’s a six person invite only event and I cook a five course meal for my guests. Each guest has a comment card and writes their comments on the food and environment. I kicked off my first one on Friday and it was a great success!

The first course was a homemade cheese bruschetta mixed with olives and tomatoes. I included a side of Nani’s mortadella for a taste too.

The second course was my Talin’s Table special Fall salad. Wild rocket, apples, goat cheese, olives, topped with balsamic glaze.

The third course was basil ravioli filled with Nani’s three cheese mixture with a sage butter sauce.

The fourth course was quail wrapped in grape leaves with a demi-glace cream sauce.

The fifth course was an Armenian milk tart dessert topped with pistachios and a dollop of Nani’s rose pedal jam.

Everyone enjoyed each meal and I absolutely LOVED watching everyones faces and they ate the first bite of each meal. Some comments included:

Great, welcoming place to eat AMAZING food by Chef Talin!


Having the food being prepped next to us made dinner feel like an activity.

It’s like Pottery Barn in your mouth.

As my friends and family, if you are interested in getting an invite please email or text me to get on the waiting list- or even better, leave a comment below! Can’t wait to cook for you!



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