Nani has these secret recipes that she rarely makes. Mortadella is one of them. Traditional mortadella originated from the lovely city of Bologna, Italy. Typically, it is made with ground pork, but there are also ground beef versions. The Italian version of mortadella has the pork fat cubes and garlic, while the Germans add pistachio.

Nani has made several different types of mortadella, but her signature version is with ground beef, carrot, parsley, and lamb fat. Once we roll it and secure it in cloth, we poach it. After poaching the mortadella, we sear it in a pan with a tad bit of oil to get a nice color on the outside of it.

Let it cool, slice, and serve. It became a favorite with my neighbors and i like to enjoy it on a salad or even some crackers. Delicioso!



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