Becky’s Fundraiser

My friend Becky had a fundraiser this weekend in northern California and asked me if I would cater with a special request of my white lasagna. I gladly accepted the event and off I was to Sacramento airport at 10:30pm on Thursday night. I arrived at the event location – the Glasner House- at 12 pm on Friday and worked non-stop with the help of my lovely friends.

She wanted everything to be appetizer style, so I took my lasagna and we made fresh lasagna noodles and baked them in mini loaf sheets. They were so cute! With the lasagna I also made these very delicious arborio rice balls filled with meat sauce goodness. On the side of our two main goodnesses, I made peaches wrapped in prosciutto topped with a balsamic glaze (which we had to make because there was no balsamic glaze at the store…what?!). I also made crackers with goat cheese and raspberries drizzled with honey as a plan B because figs are just exiting the season. I was also able to sell loaves of bread from Aloaf Bread- Rosemary, White, and Olive breads. Everyone seemed to really love the bread too.

It was an amazing night filled with joy and lots of giving. Becky was able to raise what she needed for the month and we all enjoyed each other and the delicious food.


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